Ross Magnuson - Past President

Ross Magnuson is a professional photographer located in Billings, Montana. Starting photography with a folding roll camera in 1976, photography has become a passion as well as a profession for Ross.  Dropping the film off at the local drug store and anxiously waiting for weeks for the film to be developed and the prints made was part of the excitement.  Graduating to 35 mm cameras and film and then developing and printing this in the “dark room” this on was the next level!  For nearly the last decade digital cameras and the “light room” have taken his passion to an all new level with instant gratification.

Before retiring from law enforcement Ross used photography on an almost daily basis in that field.  He was able to receive a lot of training both through work and on my own. He also enjoyed teaching photography to new officers as well as seasoned detectives.

Ross know has his own photography business, Treasure State Photography and enjoys photographing all types of subjects from seniors, families, weddings and commercial work.  He would have to say his favorite photography is landscapes as it gives me a way to capture and record the beauty of the world.  He is always chasing the light and looking for a “wall hanger”.

Cowboy Chaos-300x
Heaven On Earth-300x
Industrial Woman-240x
Pacific Coastline-300x



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