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Eric Wordal 

Helena, MT , Butte, MT

Eric Wordal is Montana's premier portrait photographer and and a third generation Montanan. Based out of both Butte and Helena, Eric graduated with highest honors from the respected Glen Fishback School of Photography and remains on the cutting edge of the photographic industry . In addition to winning many prestigious awards, Eric has been selected one of the top ten photographers in Montana for the last three years in a row. He is also on the board of directors for the Montana Professional Photographers Association. Recently, Eric opened a satellite studio in historic uptown Butte, Montana. Eric now spends time between his studio at Canyon Ferry and the new Butte studio. Besides producing portraits that capture vivid life and emotion, Eric is doing commercial and fine art photography for national and international clients.

P.S. Eric Wordal has also had the great honor of being selected to photograph one US president, several US Senators, Governors and Supreme Court Justices.
406.431.ERIC (3742)

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