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Mark LaRowe Photography

Helena, MT

 Mark LaRowe Photography

I am a western Montana-based photographer specializing in landscape and western lifestyle photography primarily in the Northern Rocky Mountain region. Originally from central Wisconsin, I was taught to appreciate the value of nature at an early age. An avid outdoors-man, I was mentored by my parents and grandparents, who all exhibited a healthy respect for the balance between man and nature. I obtained a degree in Landscape Architecture/Natural Resource Management from the University of Wisconsin - Madison. My view of the natural landscape and its relationship to our complex and changing world has been influenced by the writings of Aldo Leopold and John Muir, both Wisconsin natives. Artistically, I have been influenced by many artists including Owen Gromme, Jonathon Wilde and Elliot Porter. Photographically, I am constantly evolving and strive hard to communicate the very real, physical, emotional and visual experiences that I absorb during my many trips and treks. A lover of the western lifestyle, I am very much at home in Southwest Montana and enjoy all aspects of western culture and the natural beauty contained in the northern Rocky Mountains. I am a constant traveler who has learned to appreciate the special qualities that all geographies, and its people, in this country exhibit.

Mark LaRowe Photography
2030 Cromwell Dixon Lane F, #155
Helena, MT  59602

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